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What is Skip Tracing?
Skip tracing is a locating technique used to locate individuals who have intentionally or unintentionally become hard to find. It involves gathering information from public records, databases, and other sources to trace a person or entity's whereabouts. Trained professionals like skip tracers use their analytical skills to piece together the available data and create a trail leading to the subject's current address. Skip tracing is commonly used to serve legal papers, collect debts, or reconnect with missing persons. While it can be helpful in various situations, it must be conducted within the bounds of the law and respect individuals' privacy rights. Proper training and adherence to legal regulations are crucial to conducting skip tracing responsibly.
When is Skip Tracing Required?
Skip tracing is necessary when locating individuals becomes challenging, either due to intentional evasion or lack of current information. It is required for serving legal documents, debt collection, finding missing persons, locating witnesses, and reuniting families or friends. This locating technique is crucial in legal proceedings to ensure due process, aid in debt recovery, assist law enforcement in finding missing individuals, gather testimonies for legal cases, and reconnect estranged relationships. However, skip tracing must always be conducted ethically and within the boundaries of the law, respecting the subject's privacy and rights throughout the process.
Does Skip Tracing Cost Extra?
Our commitment to efficient service means that encountering a bad address is not an issue. With every order, we offer free basic skip tracing to expedite the process. Our objective is to swiftly serve your defendant. We utilize a range of reliable skip tracing software and industry techniques, including license plate number searches, CAD records, postal searches, and criminal case investigations, among others. These proven methods enable us to locate and find your defendant effectively. Rest assured, we are dedicated to moving your order along as quickly as possible, ensuring a prompt and successful resolution.


What happens if skip tracing is necessary for my case?

We offer free basic skip tracing with every order to swiftly locate and serve your defendant, ensuring efficient case resolution.

Is skip tracing legal?

Yes, skip tracing is legal when conducted within the bounds of the law and ethical guidelines. It involves accessing a range of information, including publicly available and restricted data limited to process servers and private investigators, to locate individuals. However, it must not employ illegal methods or infringe upon the subject's privacy rights. Skip tracing remains a legitimate and valuable locating tool through the utilization of properly trained professionals and responsible practices.

How long does skip tracing take?

The duration of skip tracing can vary depending on the complexity of the case and available information. Simple cases may be resolved within a few hours, while more intricate searches could take days or even weeks. The expertise of the skip tracer, access to relevant databases, and cooperation from the subject or associated parties can significantly impact the time required for successful skip tracing.

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"Shane and his crew at Encore Legal Process have been our go-to process servers since they started. Even after all these years, Encore Legal Process still provides swift but thorough service, and even provides value-add services like substitute service motions, citation coordination with county clerks, skip trace research and address verifications. They truly go above and beyond as process servers and we count on their expertise year round. I would heartily recommend Shane and Encore Legal Process to any counsel looking for a comprehensive process server experience."
"I work for a small, boutique litigation firm as the sole paralegal. In order for our office to be effective and efficient, we have to be able to get in touch with our team immediately. Shane at Encore Legal Process is our MVP for process serving. I make one phone call or email and I can get in touch with him within minutes if not immediately. Our conversations are pleasant, but to the point, and the corresponding results delivered are precise and impressively fast. My days are fast and dynamic, but I can always count on the reliability and professionalism from Shane at Encore Legal Process when I need prompt process service in the greater Houston area and statewide. I've used his services for many years now, and won't user anyone else."
"We are so appreciative of all the hard work Encore Legal Process does for us. Everyone at our firm gets excited when we have a document for service because we are 100% confident that Encore Legal Process will be able to handle it. We no longer have to sweat on whether the job will get done, if the ball will be dropped, and if we’ll hear from Encore Legal Process to know you received a citation. Their responsiveness is top notch."

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