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Our mission is to make your job easier and less stressful and to get your papers served fast. If you are looking for a Texas Process Server, Skip Tracer, or eFilling service, look no further. Our process serving systems are designed to quickly track down and serve documents nation-wide. 

With our local focus and nationwide reach, we successfully serve hundreds of papers across the nation every month.

Our process servers will get the job done. With years of experience and persistent serve-minded process servers, we are bold with our strategy to produce you the results you're looking for. 
We have vetted and built our network of statewide servers. We only work with the best process servers in Texas and also Nationwide!

They can run but they can't hide!

If we find a bad address, no problem. We include free basic skip tracing with every order submitted. Why do we do this? The answer is simple: to streamline the process and move your order along faster. This allows us to get your defendant served as quickly as possible.
We use a variety of proven skip tracing software and industry methods to locate and find your defendant. This includes searching license plate numbers, checking CAD records, postal searches, criminal cases, among other tactics to locate your defendant.

Because you have more important things to do!

When your document is served, we e-file the return of service with the court automatically. It's included in the price! If we can get your paper served and make your job a little easier at the end of the day by filing the return of service, that makes us happy.
For an additional cost, we do offer e-filing of new cases, motion and orders for substitute, and really any other document you want us to e-file.


I'm ready to sign up; how do I submit my first order?

We like to make things as easy as possible for our clients, so we offer a few ways to submit an order. First, you can simply email the documents to At this point, we can provide you with a quote for service and advise you of our payment options.

Alternatively, if your firm has volume or recurring work, you can reach out to us at to set up an account. Once the account is set up, you can choose to either email the documents or enter and upload your documents through our client portal.

Lastly, if you need original documents served, you may mail them to us. Still, we recommend contacting our office to confirm the necessary details before you mail the documents to us.

What areas does Encore Legal Process serve papers?

We can serve your documents not only throughout Texas, but we also regularly serve documents across the United States. Whether your documents are being served locally, in Houston, or in another state, in almost every case, we can facilitate service wherever you need your documents served. We now offer international service as well!

What levels of service does Encore Legal Process offer?

We have several options for various levels of service to support your needs:

  • Routine Service - Attempts at least every 72 hours of receipt (Sunday not included)
  • 48-Hour Rush Service - Attempts at least every 48 hours of receipt of the order (Sunday not included)
  • Same Day Rush Service - Attempts made the same day of receipt of order. The order must be received by 2 pm CST.
  • Priority Rush Service - Attempts made within 3-4 hours of receipt. The order must be received by 3 pm CST.
  • Immediate Rush Service - This is our drop everything and attempt service ASAP. The order must be received by 4 pm CST and is only available as staffing allows. However, we always try our best to support all requests.

How do I track the status of my order? Do you have a client portal to track
my orders?

Yes, we do have a comprehensive client portal through ServeManager where you can see all of the service attempts, GPS compliance data, upload and download documents to be served. You can even access the filed return of service. Additionally, you can communicate directly with us
by entering a note into the system. Some of our clients prefer to email and/or call for status, and that's perfectly fine as well.

Does Encore Legal Process offer E-filing in Texas?

Yes, in fact, for all papers served through Encore Legal Process, unless advised otherwise, we automatically file the return of service with the proper court for no additional fee. Once the court accepts the return of service, we will provide you with a confirmed copy. We also offer other e-filing services. Please inquire to learn more.

How many attempts are included in your fee?

We attempt service 4-6 times (depending on location) at the given address unless we either serve your paper or determine that the address is no longer viable. We will attempt service accordingly to satisfy any local and/or Texas statewide rules of court in order to obtain a substitute service order.

What is a Substitute Service Order?

A substitute service order is needed if we cannot effect service by personal service with proper diligent efforts. This usually requires 4-6 attempts with varied attempt times and some variation of evidence that the subject lives at the given address. We will then create an affidavit allowing the plaintiff to ask the court for substitute service by another method. This usually includes posting the documents to the front door, delivering the documents to someone living or working at the address, or even by social media, email, or text message.

What happens if the address is a bad address?

At this point, we perform a basic skip trace or locate search. Most companies charge for this service, but to avoid service delays and get your papers served as quickly as possible, we choose to include this in our fee. Once we run the search, we will provide you with the results and expert analysis so that you can decide on where we will attempt service next.

What is a skip trace/locate search?

We have access to multiple databases that provide us with information to help us locate your subject. Because of years of experience, we are experts at locating subjects if they can be found. Once the data is obtained, we can analyze and advise you on where a subject may be located. We offer both basic and comprehensive search options.

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