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What Should I Expect From My Process Server?

Most people are at least familiar with the profession of a process server, but for many people, it ends there. So what exactly is a process server and what can you expect when you hire one? 

A Process Server is a professional who is able to deliver or “serve” various types of legal documents to defendants and other people involved in a legal case. Beyond just delivering paperwork, a process server has other duties as well. In this article, we will break down the ins and outs of what a process server does so you will know what to expect in the event you should need their assistance. 

A Day In The Life of a Process Server

The role of a process server is a rather complex one, as they are a vital piece of the overall legal case puzzle. As aforementioned, their primary responsibility is that of actually delivering the necessary legal documents needed for a legal case to proceed. However, if you are wondering what a process server’s daily job duties are, here is a list of some of the typical day to day responsibilities they will have: 

  • Conducting research to locate the defendant or other individuals assigned for discovery and service.
  • Making contact with the person/people they need to serve to arrange a convenient time and location to meet. 
  • Upholding all rules and regulations involved in the entire process of serving papers, in accordance with the jurisdiction in which the case will be held. 
  • Keeping detailed and organized records of all steps involved in each case, as well as allowing easy access for the clients to regularly follow the up-to-date status of their job(s). 

At Encore Legal Process, we make the whole process seamless for our clients. When you hire us, you will have access to our customer portal, which allows you to have regular updates about your job. 

Some of these convenient benefits include searchable access to all of your orders, real-time GPS stamped attempts of service, access to download filed returns of service, access to all of your service documents, and the ability to see and send notes to your account manager at any time. We want to make sure that your questions are always answered as quickly as possible. 

  • Handling any issues that may arise, such as resistance from the person trying to be served or any other legal issues pertaining to your case. 
  • Seeing that additional tasks are completed upon serving papers, such as filing the necessary paperwork needed to prove that service of process was completed. 

At Encore Legal Process, when we are done serving the required papers for your case, we will automatically e-file a return of service with the court. For your convenience, we offer this extra task for no additional cost. 

For an additional cost, we do offer e-filing of new cases, motions for substitute service. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Encore Legal Process

Now that you know the basics of what a process server may handle from day to day, let’s take it a step further. When you are in need of hiring a process server, it is helpful to understand what you can expect from them. So, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions in regards to process serving. 

Q: What areas does Encore Legal Process serve papers?

A: We are able to serve your papers throughout the entire state of Texas, where we reside. In addition to that, we can also serve your papers both nationally and internationally. 

Q: What levels of service does Encore Legal Process offer?

A: We have several options for various levels of service to support your needs:

  • Routine Service - Attempts at least every 72 hours of receipt (Sunday not included).
  • 48-Hour Rush Service - Attempts at least every 48 hours of receipt of the order (Sunday not included).
  • Same Day Rush Service - Attempts made the same day of receipt of order. The order must be received by 2 pm CST.
  • Priority Rush Service - Attempts made within 3-4 hours of receipt. The order must be received by 3 pm CST.
  • Immediate Rush Service - This is our drop everything and attempt service ASAP. The order must be received by 4 pm CST and is only available as staffing allows. However, we always try our best to support all requests

Q: Does Encore Legal Process offer e-filing in the state of Texas?

A: We do offer e-filing. Unless notified otherwise, we will automatically e-file the return of service with the proper court for no additional fee with all papers served through Encore Legal Process. When the court accepts the return of service, we will also notify you and provide you with a conformed copy. You may also reach out to us to inquire about other e-filing services that we offer. 

Q: How many attempts of service are included in your original fee?

A: Depending on the location, we will attempt to service a total of four to six times at the original address that you provide to us for the subject we are asked to serve, until we either serve your papers or determine that the original address we were provided is a “bad address”. 

Q: What happens if the address given turns out to be a “bad address”, meaning that the defendant no longer can be found there?

A: When we determine an address to be a “bad address”, we will then perform a basic skip trace or locate search for the subject. Most companies charge a significant amount for this additional service. However, at Encore Legal Process, we want to avoid service delays and get your papers served as quickly as possible. It is for this reason that we include this additional service with the original service fee. Once we run the skip trace or locate search, we will provide you with the results and expert analysis so you can decide where we will attempt service from there. 

To learn more about this additional service, check out our other blogs: 

What Is Skip Tracing?” and “Skip Trace License Plate Search 101: What Type of Information Can You Find?"

Q: What is a Substitute Service Order?

A: A Substitute Service Order is needed in the event we cannot effect service by personal service with proper diligent efforts. At this point, we would create an affidavit allowing the plaintiff to ask the court for substitute service by another method. This will generally include posting the documents to the front door, delivering the documents to someone living or working at the address, or even via social media, email, or text message. 

Q: How do I track the status of my order?

A: For your convenience, you will have access to our comprehensive client portal through ServeManager. Here, you can follow all of our service attempts, GPS compliance data, or even upload/download documents to be served. In this client portal, you can also access the return of service, once it has been filed. As an added convenience, you can even send us notes so you can communicate directly with us. If you prefer to email or call us to communicate, that is perfectly fine, as well. 

Want to check out our Client Portal or create an account? Click here: ServeManager Client Portal!

Q: How do I sign-up to have my papers served?

A: When you are ready to submit your first order, there are a few ways to do so: 

  • Email the documents to We will then contact you with a quote for service and notify you of all of our payment options. 
  • If you are a legal firm with recurring work, you can reach out to us at and set up an account. From this point, you can either email your documents to us or enter them directly through our client portal. 
  • If you need to have original documents served, you can mail them to us. (Please notify us first to confirm the necessary details before you mail any documents to us.) 

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